Consultation Phase 2 Wrap

Sep 25, 2023 | Blog

From 24 May 2023 – 7 July 2023, the ALIA Professional Pathways team ran the second phase of consultation, which proposed a final Framework of skills, knowledge and ethics for the library and information services workforce, and pitched ideas around professional recognition, continuous professional development (CPD) and credentialling.

We received fewer responses and submissions in this phase, which suggests a relatively high comfort with the proposals put out for consultation. We’re very grateful to all those who took the time to consider the paper and to write a response. Twelve submissions were received and ten of those have been published on the submissions page.

Framework feedback

Overall, the feedback on the Framework was overwhelmingly positive from all sectors. You were happy with the changes made to the structure, conceptual design, graphic components and content from the first draft Framework to the revised version. We might still tweak the colours slightly for accessibility, but the version on the right will be very close to the final design. You can see the changes made in content and structure from the first to draft to the current version. 


two frameworks side by side for comparison

Here are some quotes that illustrate the nature of responses received on the Framework:

The Framework successfully and succinctly highlights the knowledge, skills and behaviours LIS professionals should have and uphold. VET Libraries Australia

I agree that the revised or updated version of the Framework certainly improved on the original version. It benefitted from the extensive consultation and input with the library community during the second half of 2022. Anonymous 2

The Framework, as outlined in the phase 2 paper, is a sound model of modern LIS skills and knowledge. I see my expertise reflected in the Framework and, for what it’s worth, I like the new colour scheme. Alissa McCulloch

The amended design of the framework image itself is much more engaging and clear. University of South Australia

The University of New South Wales Library noted that they were already using the draft version of the framework and that it was proving its utility!

Professional Recognition

There were divergent views from the submissions in regard to professional recognition. Overall, there was a fairly even split between three groups: those who are concerned that any changes to the status quo and recognition based on ALIA-accredited qualifications would undermine the profession, those for whom the proposal doesn’t do enough to recognise the contribution of those already in our sector who don’t hold accredited qualifications, and those in the middle who are generally happy with the proposal, and are eager to see more details and make sure there are robust, credible pathways forward.

Continuing Professional Development

We were delighted to hear back from you that there is broad support for the alignment of the CPD scheme to the Framework domains. You were also very positive about the idea, in principle, to have some form of recognition for employers and institutions that are undertaking best practice and supporting and growing the LIS workforce.

The ALIA Board meets during the last week in September to consider recommendations from the Professional Pathways Advisory Board, so stay tuned.

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