Why we want your input

This consultation is seeking your input on the draft whole-of-career framework and on big picture questions about professional recognition and career pathways.

Have your say

There are three ways you can get involved and have your say:

1/ Give quick feedback now

Takes about 5 minutes

2/ Provide a written submission

Download the MS Word template, complete and return via email*

3/ Register for & attend a workshop

View upcoming consultation workshop events in your area

* Email your submission to: professional.pathways@alia.org.au by 31 October 2022.


Find out about the draft Professional Pathways framework. The Consultation Paper is the most comprehensive, standalone overview of the project’s consultation period. You can also watch a short video or get more background on the whole initiative through past reports and papers

Watch the video

Download the paper

Get more background

The outcome

ALIA will analyse the findings from this phase and publish a report in March 2023, proposing a whole-of-career framework and recommendations for future pathways in the LIS sector. This report will form the basis for the second consultation phase.

Find out about the overall consultation process.

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