Professional Pathways Focus Group Consultation Report

May 10, 2022 | Resources

This report documents the focus group consultation activities undertaken by ALIA in early 2022 as part of the Professional Pathways initiative.

Following the Technical Report, the ALIA Professional Pathways Advisory Board made four recommendations, one of which was to develop a framework of knowledge, skills and ethical behaviour as a sector-wide, whole-of-career resource to guide and support professional learning and development. 

As part of the consultation process proposed in this recommendation, a series of focus groups was conducted to explore the concepts of the professional framework, professional identity and active professionalism.

This report presents the focus group methodology employed and the processes involved in the collection and content analysis of the qualitative research data. The principal themes identified in the focus group discussions are reviewed including issues relating to the contemporary LIS profession, insights into the individual’s career journey, concerns about LIS education and the characteristics of the fields of professional knowledge and skills.

The challenges and opportunities for diverse pathways into the LIS profession are explored, as well as the concept of active professionalism. The thematic analysis closes with a summary of the focus group participants’ views about a potential sector-wide, whole-of-career framework.


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